2nd of May Basic Japanese Class Onigiri, MisoSoup & Saba Shioyaki

Miso Soup with Sweet Potato

As many beginners participated in this class, Ms.Sonia explained how to clean up the kelp surface and different types of bonito flakes.
As we make the most of all the precious ingredients, we reproduced FURIKAKE from bonito flakes that were used for making dashi-broth.
She occasionally shows the inside of the pot after she added the kelp into the pot, so we know how to maintain its temperature properly without boiling it up.
She also explained the reason why dashi shouldn’t be boiled.
Once Dashi is done, we took the bonito flakes out and roast it till it dries out. Then add some seasoning… Tada! The bonito flakes turned into nice homemade FURIKAKE!
The nutrition in bonito flakes still remains even after you used for Dashi broth, so please reproduce it for FURIKAKE so you won’t waste any of it!

We used sweet potato for today’s Miso Soup. During Circuit Breaker, it might be difficult to get all the ingredients you want, so you can try with any vegetables, tofu, wakame seaweed and so on. But honestly I never saw purple miso soup. I would love to try one day!!

Saba Shioyaki

We  usually grill fish with a special oven in Japan, but since it is not available in Singapore, we use a normal oven for Saba Shioyaki today.

I found it easier to clean afterwards than using a special oven. We made Onigiri while waiting for Saba to be grilled.

Half way there!… Need some more burnt marks so let’s put it back in the oven.
Finally it’s done!!   …Oops, I forgot to take photos! sorry (><)


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